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Why LifeEvents?

The Flower of Life is said to be over 6,000 years old and is composed of several concentric, equal, overlapping circles as represented in our logo. The earliest record of this symbol was said to be found on the alabaster steps that were once parts of the palace of King Ashurbanipal and has been dated to 645 BC. This symbol has been found all over the world including ancient Egypt, India, Italy and Japan. It continues to turn up in unexpected places, mostly at Sacred Sites and Temples. The hexagonal geometry of the Flower Of Life can be seen in fruit, flowers, human cells and snowflakes. Leonardo da Vinci drew the Flower of Life itself and was known for using the Golden Ratio of Phi in all his artwork in what is called the Fibonacci Spiral which is derived from the Flower of Life pattern. 

The Flower of Life symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of everything: we’re all built from the same blueprint. It is a reminder that we are all connected to each other and everything in the Universe. It represents how we view relationships and work with our clients as they plan for and face important Events taking place in their Lives. 


No one likes to experience bad service especially when it comes to planning for the future and the financial welfare of you and your loved ones. Mike takes a high touch approach to working with his clients in delivering a fiduciary level of care.


At LifeEvents Wealth Management Mike is committed to full disclosure. As a client, you will not only know how LifeEvents is being compensated, but also for what. If there are any conflicts of interest, those too will be fully disclosed. At the same time it is important as a client to provide all of the information requested to uncover the best possible financial solutions for you. And if your circumstances change, it’s important that those changes be communicated.


Ultimately LifeEvents is accountable to you as a client. At the same time, Mike will also work with your other trusted advisors, such as your CPA and Attorney, or other professionals who are involved in your personal and financial well-being. This allows LifeEvents to provide the best comprehensive care and desired outcomes for clients who are motivated to achieve their goals.