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Investment Management Services

In today`s complex world, most investors find it difficult to allocate the time to develop and implement a well-structured investment plan. Mike is committed to understanding your unique needs and resources in order to formulate a prudent investment strategy. The goal is to help you grow and protect your wealth.

Every investment strategy begins with a conversation. We discuss your investment history and experience, your short and long-term needs, your retirement horizon, and the level of risk you are comfortable taking in order to clarify and better define your investment goals.

Over the long term, investors are rewarded for bearing risk; having too little may hurt portfolio returns. A portfolio’s investment methodology should pair disciplined risk management with a flexible asset allocation approach.

Rather than relying on a traditional stock to bond ratios, LifeEvents utilizes RISKALYZE to measure a clients quantifiable risk throughout the investing lifecycle and adjust the portfolio accordingly.

LifeEvents invites you to experience firsthand what your personal risk number is and compare it to your existing investments to determine if you are invested correctly. Click here to learn more and get started.

Your investments will fluctuate, as that is their nature. Our goal is to educate you, inform you, and help you manage your expectations over the long term. We want to keep you invested appropriately so that your assets continue to work for you.

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Required Reading: The Economic Report of the President

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The Cycle of Investing

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