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Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning is the protection of assets from financial loss and is a form of Risk Management in which the policy owner (you the client) transfers the majority of potential financial loss or protects your ability to produce an asset such as income to an insurance company. For example, if a loss is big enough that you can’t afford to retain it or it would pose a challenge in efforts to preserve wealth then the use of insurance solutions is recommended.

Similar to the process outlined in financial planning, in insurance planning Mike works with individuals and businesses in the analysis and evaluation of risk exposures and works with various insurance companies to find the best type of insurance solutions for your situation.

  • Death 
  • Disability 
  • Poor Health 
  • Unemployment 
  • Outliving one’s capital
  • Buy Sell Agreement 
  • Key employee 
  • Split dollar 
  • Business overhead expense

Insurance is a dynamic, ever changing, and complex product that is affected by factors such a economic conditions, incorrect beneficiaries on file, medical conditions, outdated coverage amounts for current circumstances since issued, new products with features addressing needs, financial condition of insurance company, lower cost increased benefit options, and more.

As a result, LifeEvents offers a no obligation, objective, and unbiased policy reviews of your current insurance portfolio to verify it is properly aligned to your current and future needs.

*Non-variable Insurance services are not offered through United Planners Financial

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