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Life Planning

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There is no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.  Don’t wait for a crisis to be your motivation to get organized and have your affairs in order.  

Life Planning is about preparing for a world clients may find themselves in.  Consider the following:  

  • Have you provided anyone with a written set of instructions on how to handle your affairs?
  • Does your support team (family members, friends, loved ones) have ready access to all of the information they need to assist you?
  • Would that person be able to accurately and easily answer questions regarding your medications, known allergies, primary care doctor, insurance plan, health care wishes, etc?
  • Are you faced with issues and questions around aging such as diminished capacity, cognitive decline, arranging for care, or elderly abuse and need options or information?
  • Do you have a central repository that is organized, accessible, and secure to store important information pertaining to you?
  • Have you personally experienced the process of having to settle a loved ones estate?

Guiding clients through the legal, financial, healthcare and personal decisions of life planning can reveal cracks in their financial foundation—ones you are well positioned to fix today.

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